We started our activity in Barcelona in 1962. Since then we have been dedicated to the design and production of glasses. We distribute them in around 3000 points of sale located in around 40 different countries. We are now involved in an expansion and automatation process. We are fortunate to count on excellent professionals to whom we owe our success.

Glasses are one of the most representative accessory of style and personality, as they are worn everyday and are so visible.  They are part of our image affecting on the way we see and the way we are seen by others.

LROptics is making a great effort to fulfill the requirements of those who wear our frames.

A frame has to support a pair of lenses, which have often a high value. A frame cannot fail. But if that was the case, a solution has to be found quickly. We give a lot of importance to our after sales service. Anything you need to order we send it to you on the same day or on the day after.


Where do we come from?

My father, Fulgencio Ramo, was chief of the mechanical department  of OSSA Barcelona in the 40´s. OSSA was a leading company in the manufacture of motorcycles and projectors for cinemas and it´s been a renown brand in Spain for decades. They worked with high quality standards, quite demanding for the time. My father gained prestige as a professional and worked after that managing the prototype and mechanical department of METALCRAFT, a strong company in the production of sunglasses and optical frames. There, he learned the trade.

Within some time, in 1962, he decided to start his own company. Gradually, thanks to the good quality and design of their glasses, the company grew and in the 70´s he had around 120 employees and a great number of clients.

He instilled me I should learn the trade from the basis, so I had to learn to make the tooling, the molds, etc. …I studied mechanics at the age of 15 and at the same time I was working in the factory as an apprentice. I can say I grew up surrounded of glasses. Now I realize that things you learn when you are a child, you get to know them in a very special way.


We have always supervised with a lot of attention the whole process of production. Design and image are our essence, we place a lot of importance on them, that´s why this department has always been located in Barcelona. This city is a great place for inspiration. My daughter Patricia, collaborates with LROptics since she was 15, specially in the design and creation of advertising. She is now living in London where she is being trained in art and design.


Where do we go?

I think we have to take the deep crisis that surrounds us as an opportunity rather than as a problem. We are pushed to progress, to improve to levels we could´t have imagined. As I mentioned before we are involved in a process of expansion and automatation of our company, and we work hard to offer the best from our service.

Luis Ramo, Director