Commercial terms

ALL the purchases from the web, have these conditions.


Satisfaction guarantee

If one model from the ones you have chosen on your web order does not satisfy you, you have the right to return it in the 10 following days after you receive it. By mail service, on its original bag, in perfect conditions and  properly packed. You have to send a copy of the delivery note invoice with it. After this we will send you a credit note.

These Commercial Conditions are valid for all countries except Spain, France and Portugal.



All the models shown in this web, are now in stock and  available for immediate delivery (except last-minute changes). The freight charges are paid by the client.      

The delivery deadline is 4 days + shipping.


After sales service

All our goods fulfill with the Guarantee requirements established in the Current CE Legislation.

According to the law every good is protected with a 2 years guarantee for manufacturing defects. LROptics can supply replacements for all models. The company tries to have replacements also for models over the guarantee period established by the law .

If for any reason replacements of a model are not available, LROptics will try to supply a similar model in which lenses can be adapted. After this we don´t assume further responsibility.


After sales service - Urgent note

Our commitment is to deliver spare parts within four working days.

In the event of a faulty spare part, just send an email and request a replacement without further explanation, regardless of the cause of the breakage, misuse or manufacturing defect. There is no need to return this faulty part, except when an analysis is necessary to solve the problem. In this way we avoid unnecessary negotiations, administrative costs, postage, and we save time.

From the LROptics billing date:

For the first 6 months of service the cost is 0 euros. (This period is considered as the average needed to sell the product).

From 6 months and 2  years the service cost is only 6 euros

After 2  years the service cost is 10 euros

For each additional part in a consignment, the service cost will be increased by only 1.80 euros. For this reason we recommend grouping orders. After 2 years service is subject to remaining stocks.

This service is only for spare parts, it does not include complete articles, and these will be shipped with a temporary delivery note until the defective item is returned.


More about customer service

In the exceptional event that a replacement is unavailable, it will be replaced by a similar model for the cost listed above for a period of two and a half years.

The delivery notes for spare parts will be invoiced monthly, and grouped.

Spectacles or spare parts with more than 2  years from the invoice date will be billed directly 30 days after the end of the month.

However, the company will attempt to provide spare parts beyond these periods. The aim is to provide service for 5 years from the end of line, and with a guarantee of 2  years.

If for any reason the spare parts of a model are not in stock within two years and a half, LROptics will endeavour to provide a similar model to fit the lenses, but without assuming any further liability.